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Capabilities & Services



Which devices can Sublime formats run on?

Our formats can run on both desktop and mobile web.

Can your formats run in programmatic campaigns?

Yes, we support both programmatic and managed service campaigns (IO basis or direct).

Does Sublime provide creative services?

Yes! All of our creative services are included as added value. To ensure the highest level of creative support, there is a limit of five rounds of client feedback on creative mocks.

What added value does Sublime provide?

Besides creative services, Sublime also provides an enhanced post campaign report including MOAT viewability metrics, as well as brand lift studies through our partner Dynata and emotional intelligence studies through our partner Realeyes. Please ask a member of our team for more information.

We also can organize a custom-made creative workshop to better understand how to optimize the creatives of your high-impact campaigns. Together, we will review your latest campaigns and give you practical creative tips.

Sublime may also be able to manage your campaigns on your behalf (contingent on region) and can run any Amazon DSP campaigns on your behalf.

Do you provide any other branding benefits?

Yes, we have partnerships with Dynata for brand lift studies and Realeyes for emotional intelligence studies. We may be able to provide these studies as added value (contingent on the campaign budget). We are also working to provide a Click Heatmap of your creative by the end of 2019.

Can you do keyword targeting?

Yes, we provide positive and negative keyword targeting through our partner Grapeshot.

What types of formats does Sublime offer?

We offer a suite of high-impact ad units including static creatives, video and interactive (HTML5).

For U.S. clients, please visit

For clients from other regions, please visit

Does Sublime provide self-service reporting for clients?

At the moment, we do not provide this feature.

Can I use Sublime data for programmatic campaigns?

Yes, even if you run your programmatic campaign through your own DSP, you can layer on and activate specific datasets from Sublime.

What is your creative turnaround time?

We’re typically able to return creatives within 3 days.

Can Sublime run multiple creatives simultaneously?

Yes, we can run an unlimited number of creatives at the same time for A/B testing. We can swap creatives in and out during the campaign for optimization.

Does Sublime control any other ad units on the web page (besides Sublime formats)?

We can only control our formats and do not have any insight or management of other ads which may appear on the same page.  

Where do Sublime formats appear on a publisher’s site?

All of our formats rotate between a website’s individual pages and therefore, they can appear on any page of the site. We do not have any control over which pages our formats appear on, but we can apply detailed keyword targeting to account for positive or negative page content.

How does Sublime support performance-based campaigns?

In our direct offer, we can generate a conversion pixel that you can add to the conversion page (i.e. purchase landing page or site visit page). We will optimize your campaign periodically based on those conversions.

Can Sublime implement dynamic creatives? (i.e. creatives that change depending on user location, time of day, sports scores, weather, or other events)

Yes, we can create a completely customized high-impact experience featuring a number of interactive elements, such as event countdowns, puzzles, store locators, quizzes, forms, and more.

Are your formats responsive and how do they appear on screens of different sizes?

All of our formats follow specific guidelines that ensure the creative layout is optimized for most screen sizes globally. Our creative studio implements a 140px gutter on the right and left edges to ensure that creatives appear correctly on all screen resolutions. We look forward to introducing fully responsive units by the end of 2019.

Can I run campaigns on a global level with Sublime?

Yes. We have offices in the United States (New York and San Francisco), Europe (London, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain), as well as APAC (Singapore) where we have secured partnerships with leading publishers. We can deliver your campaigns in 17 markets.

Partnerships & Integrations



Which DSPs are you integrated with?

We’re integrated with The Trade Desk, Google Marketing Platform, Mediamath, Oath, AppNexus, Amazon, Amobee, Dataxu, AdForm, AdotMob, Hawk, MediaSmart, QuantCast, and Turn.

Does Sublime use a third-party targeting provider?

Yes, we typically partner with either Exelate or Comscore.

Under the hood



What is the set-up process for programmatic campaigns?

We’ll need your DSP of choice and your buyer ID for the selected SSP to set up a deal ID and a dedicated redirect. After we develop the creative, obtain approval, and receive your tags, we’ll send you a redirect in which the creative and tags are live. You can upload that redirect into your DSP and start bidding.

Do you accept multiple tags?

Yes, we accept all tags including Integral Ad Science, Double Verify, Millward Brown, and more. If you would like to book a campaigns through Amazon DSP, please check with a member of our team first (Amazon DSP only supports a limited number of 3rd-party providers – the full list is here).

Can we choose which sites our campaigns run on?

Absolutely! Sublime clients have the option to choose either run of network or a custom site list (minimum of 30 sites).

Are we able to see which sites Sublime has delivered on?

Yes, we are proud to confirm that we are 100% transparent and you are always able to see which sites your campaign has been delivered on. If you are running your campaign programmatically, you can access this information within the DSP. If you are running your campaign via our managed service (IO basis), we are happy to send you a report with the top performing sites at your request.

All of our processes have been audited by a 3rd-party Vendor to ensure that our clients reach their target audiences and will not be associated with content that could jeopardize brand image.

Do you guarantee delivery on specific sites?

Since some publishers may have an exclusive campaign booked on a certain day, we are unable to guarantee delivery on specific sites.

I would like to check that my creative has the right specs – how can I do that?

Through our Creative Checker! Please visit:

How often does Sublime send reports?

We are happy to provide reports as often as you need. For IO-based campaigns, we always send a post-campaign report which includes screenshots, impressions delivered, total spend, eCPM, viewability (if booked), clicks & CTR, unique visitors, and video completion rate.

Please note that for programmatic campaigns, reporting may be slightly less comprehensive.

How long should I run my campaign for?

Sublime recommends an average flight length to be between four and six weeks. That said, we can run campaigns spanning from one-day blasts to all year long.

What type of creative assets do you accept?

We accept PSD, AI, HTML, logos, gifs, MP4, and fonts.

What is your recommended frequency capping?

Our recommendation is 3 times in a 24 hours period per user.

What are your creative technical specifications?

All of our technical specs are here.




What is Sublime’s average Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

1.2% across both desktop and mobile.

What is Sublime’s average viewability rate?

94% (as verified by Moat).

What is Sublime’s average Video Completion Rate (VCR)?

Our overall VCR is 62% for videos under 15 seconds. On desktop, it is 64% and on mobile, it is 67%.

Why isn't Sublime’s viewability rate 100%?

There are a few reasons why our viewability rate isn’t 100%. Sometimes, webpages don’t load correctly or users leave the page before it completely downloads. Other times, page views may be fraudulent (generated via a bot), which we do not consider authentic traffic. Therefore, our average viewability rate is based on impressions after they have been filtered for General Invalid Traffic through Moat verification.

Do you have a 100% Share of Voice (SOV) on the sites in your network?

Since we cannot control other ads which may appear on a publisher’s site, we cannot guarantee a 100% SOV. However, we do guarantee that we will be the only skin unit on the page and therefore control the most digital real estate.




What are your rates?

Please get in touch with a member of our sales team for information on our rates.

Do you require a minimum spend?

In the U.S., LATAM, Italy, APAC, Spain, and Germany, we run campaigns with all budgets and sizes.

In the U.K., there is no minimum for display classic or video classic formats. For other formats, we ask for a minimum spend of £10k and for HTML5 formats, we ask for a minimum of £15k.

In France, we ask for a campaign minimum of €1.5K.

Do you offer pricing models other than CPM?

In France (and a few other markets), we offer CPC and VCPM (viewable) campaigns. Please contact a member of our team for more information.

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