Sublime Drives High-Impact Campaigns for Auto Brands



From motorcycles to trucks, luxury vehicles to economical, Sublime has returned impactful results in automotive campaigns around the world. Given the nature of the industry, most campaigns are driven by brand lift, viewability, and engagement rate goals.


Auto advertisers have leveraged Sublime’s full range of products to engage audiences in a myriad of ways:


  • For brand reach and awareness, Display formats deliver the brand’s ad to as many users as possible
  • To show cars in motion and offer a deeper experience, brands and agencies opt for video-centered units
  • If the goal is engagement and lead generation, Interactive formats are a perfect match: audiences can choose a car model to see more details or interact with the ad through car dealer locators. embedded forms, or 360° images


Sublime is proud to deliver outstanding branding and performance results for auto campaigns. Average results include 1.77% CTR, 93% viewability, 71 seconds in-view time, and 30% engagement rate.





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engagement rate

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